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We help New Americans achieve self-sufficiency and adjust to life in their new country.

- Youth Enrichment Program

- Resettlement

- Acculturation

- Citizenship


Newly arrived refugees, asylees and their families have received assistance from JFS since 1979.


Services include pre-migration support for the U.S. Tie families, support upon arrival with enrollment in medical, food and cash assistance, and development of individualized resettlement plans to create a path to self-sufficiency. JFS works with refugees for 8 months after arrival.

Lautenberg Amendment

Through the Lautenberg Amendment, individuals and families have a safe and legal escape route from religious persecution. The program is set up for religious minorities in former Soviet Union countries and Iran. JFS works with the U.S. relatives to go through the application process to bring them to the U.S. as refugees.


Free resettlement assistance to anyone who has received their asylum approval. Services include enrollment in employment and ESL services, medical, food and cash assistance (if eligible) and general case management support. Asylees are eligible for services for 8 months from asylum approval date.

Cuban/Haitian Entrants

Individuals granted parole status as a Cuban/Haitian entrant, a national of Cuba or Haiti and is in removal proceedings or has an asylum application pending, may be eligible for resettlement services. Please contact us to see if you qualify.


In partnership with Framingham Adult ESL Plus, JFS provides a number of acculturation services, such as English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and U.S. civics and history.